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High-Performance SDN Solutions

NoviFlow Inc. gives software-defined networking (SDN) a high-performance boost by providing wire-speed OpenFlow-based switching solutions to data centers and network operators seeking greater control and flexibility over their networks.

NoviFlow’s switching solution solves the scalability and performance issues that many data center operators face as they attempt to migrate to SDN from costly hardware-intensive networking solutions.

The NoviFlow switching solution is comprised of the following products:

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The only commercial-grade OpenFlow v1.3/1.4 switching solution in the market that offers up to 240 gigabits per second of genuine wire-speed performance, 1 million flow entries and over 12000 flowmods/sec. It is also the only switching solution capable of wire speed packet payload (L2-L7) matching and flow handling!

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NoviWare 300

OpenFlow 1.3/1.4 switch software for use in embedded systems.

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Copper and Optical Transceivers for use with NoviFlow products.

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NoviFlow’s flexible platform design leverages commodity hardware and merchant silicon to deliver exceptional price performance.


When combined with the OpenFlow protocol and Network Function Virtualization (NFV), these innovative technologies have the potential to unleash the full power of SDN.


The SDN market is expected to grow to $2 billion a year in 2016 and this solution meets network operator needs.


This product has already proven itself a worthy competitor in the race for the top spot in OpenFlow networking.


NoviFlow provides the missing link required for this sector to really take off: high bandwidth and flow capacity switching.


NoviFlow could win over enterprises looking at alternatives to legacy vendors.


NoviFlow is one of eight SDN startups to watch.


Noviflow has built a strong product for a developing market that addresses two key concerns of initial OpenFlow deployments: scalability and performance.


Software-defined networking is radically shifting the future of networking and companies, like NoviFlow, are ushering in this change.


NoviFlow is ushering in the future of software-defined networking at speeds that simply weren’t achievable just a few months ago.