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Security Load Balancer – Programmable Network Solutions

Why NoviFlow

NoviFlow is a leading vendor of Cybersecurity Load Balancer, High-Performance SDN Network Operating Software (NOS), and Programmable Network Solutions for network operators, data centers and government agencies seeking greater performance, flexibility, cost-efficiency, and security over their networks. Our network solutions work directly in concert with your applications and with the systems that control, optimize and secure your company’s business operations. We free you from vendor lock-in and give you the ability to easily and quickly evolve and scale your network as your business grows.

Our Clients
and Partners

Our client and partner ecosystem includes Data Centers, Researchers, Cloud Service Providers, Switch Vendors, OpenFlow Controller and Application Developers.

NoviFlow Offering

Security Load Balancer

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Acceleration and Terabit range scaling of virtualized services including Cybersecurity, MEC, 5G, and TelcoCloud

CyberMapper Aggregator

SDN-based Packet Broker Functionality

Partner Solutions

Fortinet Security Fabric

Security services optimized and dynamically scaled in a high throughput programmable SDN networking environment

CyberMapper Edge MEC Platform with Lanner

All-in-one computing, programmable networking, and storage platform that dynamically and economically scales network edge solutions into the multi-terabit range

Forwarding Plane Solutions


The SDN industry's most complete NOS for programmable forwarding planes including the 6.4 Tbps Barefoot Tofino


P4Runtime Speaker for Intel Tofino-based White Box Network Hardware


Service Providers

Cybersecurity, CG-NAT, BNG,
Packet Brokering, MPLS solutions
that scale into the Tbps range

Cloud Providers and
Hyperscale Datacenters

Platforms for Terabit scale SDN, P4,
Cybersecurity and Packet Brokering


Nation-scale Cybersecurity, Telemetry
and Packet Broker solutions


NoviSwitch High-Performance Programmable
Forwarding Planes for OEMs and Integrators


Platforms and solutions to accelerate and
scale Cybersecurity, DDoS, and much more

ISPs, Data Centers and

vBNG/BRAS and Multi-Domain Data Center


Programmable networking platforms and
solutions for both academic and
production networks

What our customers and partners are saying

I have been using the NoviFlow switches and NOS in my projects at UNSW Sydney since the early days of the company. Many of our graduate students used the advanced capability of NoviWare and NoviSwitches in their projects and in their start-up company endeavours as they were the only solutions that would really do the job. With the evolution from OpenFlow to P4 I’m sure our relationship will continue for many years to come.

Vijay Sivaraman

CSIRO Data61 has been involved with testing, utilising and experimenting with NoviSwitches and the NoviWare NOS since their inception. We have always felt strongly that NoviFlow delivered the premium OpenFlow SDN experience and capability that has enabled us to focus on developing novel SDN-based applications. We look forward to continuing to utilise the P4 enhanced NOS for Tofino and the associated P4 enabled platforms for further research into Inband Network Telemetry.

Craig Russell
Network Research Engineer / CSIRO Data61

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