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NoviFlow Makes Networks Programmable

NoviFlow is a world leader in carrier networking software solutions that provide service programming, visibility, cybersecurity scaling and service insertion at the network edge. Our service programming solutions help organizations manage, monitor, and optimize their networks, while our packet brokering solutions provide a secure and reliable way to monitor and monetize services. Our network solutions work directly in concert with applications and with the systems that control, optimize and secure our customers’ business operations. They deliver greater performance, flexibility, cost-efficiency, and security while freeing service providers from vendor lock-in and giving them the ability to easily and quickly evolve and scale their network as their business grows.


Service Programming and Elastic Scaling of Services to Multi-Terabps!


Bump-in-the-wire service programming at the Network Edge with low latency and multi-Tbps speeds
Service Chaining, Load Balancing, Packet Filtering
Elastic Scaling of PNFs, VNFs and CNFs
Low latency Edge
Separation of network and security policies
Scale-out security fabric for additional services in the service chain

NoviFabric MEC Platform

Inline service programming
SRv6 and SR MPLS service proxy
Low latency Edge
Separation of network and security policies
Telco Cloud fabrics:
Security cloud fabric
Open on-prem Telco Cloud


Multi-Terabit Out-of-Band Aggregation, filtering, replication and load-balancing of traffic from multiple TAPs to multiple Tools
FlowAgent tap-to-tool technology with four stages of packet filtering and replication that delivers the right packets to the right tools
Flow level visibility inside NoviBroker for fast trouble shooting

The Advantages of the NoviFlow Technology Stack:

  • In-house control of the behaviour of silicon through software (P4)
  • In-house control of the entire SDN software stack from NOS to application
  • Ability to rapidly and cost-effectively adapt our products to the most demanding customer use cases in the world
    • Custom off the shelf
    • PoC process for MUC requirements discovery
    • Agile R&D development process to quickly implement supportable carrier-grade solutions to customer problems

Management for carrier scale networks:

Single glance shows you the status of your fleet

–Single Pane of Glass to monitoring the health of a fleet of deployed NoviBrokers
–Event driven updates gives you instant status of each health category
–Site Health allows you to quickly drill down  from the global view to the individual NoviAnalytics view with errors
–See for the first time how traffic flows through your NoviMapper/NoviFabric/NoviBroker
○Visualize the layout and complexity of the pipeline you just designed by using the pipeline visualization which shows each stage.
○Heatmap: Quickly identify where packets are flowing through the pipeline
○For easy troubleshooting, Isolate a single stream to drill down on the traffic pattern and the rules
○Visualize how adding changes to the pipeline affects traffic flows
○Quickly debug your pipeline by isolating selective components in seconds

Our Clients
and Partners

Our client and partner ecosystem includes Communication Service Providers, Cybersecurity Solution Providers, Chip Vendors and White-Box Platform Suppliers.

What our customers and partners are saying

Bell Canada

NoviFlow is a great partner in our ecosystem with deep knowledge of programmable network technology, bold and willing to adapt products for customer use cases…

Daniel Bernier
Technical Director / Bell Canada

CSIRO Data61 has been involved with testing, utilising and experimenting with NoviSwitches and the NoviWare NOS since their inception. We have always felt strongly that NoviFlow delivered the premium OpenFlow SDN experience and capability that has enabled us to focus on developing novel SDN-based applications. We look forward to continuing to utilise the P4 enhanced NOS for Tofino and the associated P4 enabled platforms for further research into Inband Network Telemetry.

Craig Russell
Network Research Engineer / CSIRO Data61

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