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Introducing NoviSwitch 2122 with 100G Ethernet support for SDN, NVF and OpenFlow 1.3 and 1.4

New switch provides 240 Gbps of OpenFlow throughput for linking high-performance SDN
gateways to core networks

The new switch extends the company’s high-performance OpenFlow data plane solutions to include 100 Gigabit Ethernet link ports, with full support for OpenFlow 1.3 and most of OpenFlow 1.4, and offering up to 240 Gbps of packet throughput (240 Gbps in and 240 Gbps out), up to 1 million flow-entries in TCAM, two 100 Gbps QSFP28 transceiver cages and twenty 10/1 Gbps SFP+/SFP transceiver cages. The NoviSwitch 2122 features the market leading EZchip NP-5 Network Processor, and a powerful Intel Core i7-4700EQ quad-core 2.4GHz host CPU with the processing capacity to deliver up to 14,000 flow-mods/second.

Like all members of the NoviSwitch line, NoviSwitch 2122 also features the NoviWare 300 switching software, designed for use in mission critical deployments. It provides the industry’s broadest support of the OpenFlow specification, including all OpenFlow 1.3 actions, instructions and match fields, and most OpenFlow 1.4 features. The NoviSwitch 2122 also delivers the capabilities and performance needed by intensive, leading-edge Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) applications such as services chaining, GTP-based load balancing, IPX, etc.

NoviSwitch 2122 is a key component of NoviFlow’s Scale-Out Router solution, providing 100 Gbps ports for uplink to core networks in high performance gateway SDN applications. NoviFlow’s Scale-Out Router solution provides a flexible and agile environment that can support multiple network services such as BGP, MPLS and LDP, service chaining of VNFs for 4G/5G EPC, DPI, FW, LB, and NAT, and can be software upgraded in the field to support new protocols and functionalities as they become available.

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