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5G Next Wave 2022

Join NoviFlow at the LightReading: 5G Next Wave


NoviFlow is proud to sponsor the 5G Edge Infrastructure and Services theme at the The 5G Next Wave Digital Symposium, a Light Reading virtual event dedicated to discuss the most significant trends driving 5G into 2022 and beyond.


5G Edge Infrastructure & Services:

The 5G edge cloud architecture will enable a new class of low-latency, high-bandwidth applications that enhance how customers interact with services and derive value from 5G. This session discusses the critical operator requirements for 5G edge deployment and the service opportunities enabled by the colocation of RAN control, 5G core and end-user applications.

Join us on November 17th and discover how NoviFlow’s programmable network solutions deliver Terabit performance for 5G, Packet Brokering, Visibility, and Service Programming for VNFs and network services for CSP’s around the world. Simplifying networks by running load balancing, service chaining, packet brokering and filtering directly in the switch, reducing service costs up to 90%, footprint by 75% and energy costs by 67%.


Event dates:  November 15 and 17, 2022

5G Edge Infrastructure and Services: November 17th, 2022 at  11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

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