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About ONS 2014… AWESOME!

Man, woman, bot, (and any other entity reading this post) ONS 2014 was downright awesome!

As a repeat exhibitor at the event I have to note that the growth in both quality and of number of commercially launched solutions was truly impressive. Of particular interest to NoviFlow were the OpenFlow 1.3 controllers and applications, which were only just being announced at the last ONS meeting held on April 15-17 2013.

At the event, it was NoviFlow’s pleasure to demonstrate L4-L7 based forwarding with our NoviSwitch 1248. The crowd in our booth kept our team busy doing demos non-stop as they showed our 200 Gbps, 1 Million flow entry, OpenFlow 1.3 switch. Visitors were impressed to see our switch matching packets based on the content of the UDP payload, modifying that content, and then forwarding these packets out, all according to the entries in the flow table. Of course, this functionality was exposed via the OF 1.3 experimenter interface.

There were also many other strong exhibitors at the show and NEC, in particular, showed once again they are the thought leaders in OpenFlow 1.3 controllers and applications. The NEC booth was showing a particularly impressive IOT demo featuring their Programmable Flow Controller supporting OpenFlow 1.3, and a NoviFlow switch!

Out and about on the floor there were a lot of other pleasant surprises for the control and applications planes, amongst them KulCloud, Metaswitch and Tail-f, Ericsson, and others, and the support of other data plane vendors including HP, Huawei, Brocade, Netronome, etc.

Alongside OpenFlow 1.3, the other stars of the show were undoubtedly NFV and Cloud Computing, both of which are seen as key use cases for the type of increased functionality and simplification of control made possible by SDN. John Donovan of AT&T set the tone for the NFV camp with his inspiring keynote on Domain 2.0, while Yukio Ito of NTT Communications openly shared the benefits they have realized from implementing SDN in their global customer network: the Seamless Cloud for the World.

NoviFlow was particularly pleased to see the number of attendees from the Far East, which continues to be a leading market in the commercial deployment of OpenFlow, and where our products have always had a particularly warm reception. We even handed out information from our Japanese distributor NVC, and announced our new distributor in South Korea: NAIM Networks.

ONS 2014 clearly demonstrated the maturing SDN and OpenFlow marketplace. Solutions that take advantage of the sophisticated capabilities of OpenFlow 1.3 are coming on-line now, so we look towards the rest of 2014 with great anticipation!