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We make networks truly programmable

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Today, almost everything depends on networks. The rise of connected devices, on-line media and services, virtualization, and the advent of cloud computing place unprecedented demands on data networks. Data centers have become difficult to scale and expensive to manage. The pace of technological change is only accelerating, personal devices are becoming increasingly powerful and bandwidth-hungry, and network providers must keep up with the pace.

NoviFlow believes programmable match-action technology is the key to delivering networks that can meet these challenges and that can become key enablers of our customers’ information processing strategies.  This is why NoviFlow has invested relentlessly in developing engineering and programming expertise in programmable forwarding planes, and as a consequence has become one of the world’s leading vendors of High-Performance SDN Network Operating Software (NOS), Cybersecurity Middleware and Programmable Network Solutions to network operators, data center operators, enterprises and government agencies seeking greater network performance, flexibility, cost-efficiency, and security.

Established in 2012,  NoviFlow has offices in Sunnyvale, Montreal, and Seattle.

Why we are different


In a fast-changing world, your and your customers’ needs are in constant evolution. NoviFlow delivers solutions designed to quickly and easily adapt to these needs, and that can dynamically scale into the Terabit per second range.


We deliver what we promise: performance, scalability and carrier-grade quality. Our networking products and solutions are used and trusted by some of the largest carriers and networking providers in the world.


We are globally recognized experts in Programmable Forwarding Plane Solutions. NoviFlow has been delivering match-action networking technology since the beginnings of SDN and our people have decades of experience building commercial-grade networking solutions.


Our mission is to make it easier for our customers to accelerate and scale SDN, cybersecurity, and intent-based networking solutions using open standards, easy-to-use abstraction middleware and high-performance white-box switching hardware.


Our vision is to enable organizations to break the chains of black-box networking and empower them to take back control over their information infrastructure. We make networks truly programmable, capable of responding actively, scale dynamically and grow in real-time to meet changing network conditions and the demands placed on networks by services and applications.

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