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NoviFlow teams with Telus and CENGN for PoC of SDN based BGP routing via Cloud

This spring, NoviFlow teamed up with Telus and CENGN to do a Proof-of-Concept of the Open Networking Foundations  Atrium Project, an SDN based BGP Router that offers centralized management of BGP over using OpenFlow 1.3 switches.

Of particular note in this PoC:

  • The OpenFlow switch used was a NoviFlow NoviKit 250 running the current version of our NoviWare 300 OpenFlow software for high-performance network processors (Mellanox NP4, in this case),
  • The PoC used the Atrium Release 16A running with the ONOS controller,
  • The controller, BGP stack and apps were instead on an OpenStack enable cloud infrastructure
  • The NoviFlow Switch was connected to two Virtual MX switches acting as peers (running on X86 servers).
See the recorded webcast here: Webinar June 2016