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AT&T and 4 Reasons a Telco Cloud Is Hard to Build

At the OpenStack Summit in Austin, on April 27th, Tobias Ford, AT&T’s assistant vice president of cloud infrastructure spoke on the challenges the Telco Cloud places on NFV and SDN based solutions. Key challenges:

  1. Performance: x86 cannot deliver the needed performance for volume packet processing,
  2. SDN Routing solutions need to scale-out,
  3. The need to orchestrate service with existing networks,
  4. The need for Telcos to engage and embrace the Open Source ecosystem.

All these four areas reflect specific strengths of NoviFlow’ solutions:

  1. Use of NPUs for both wire-speed performance and the programmability of x86,
  2. Our Scale-Out Router architecture, that disaggregates expensive and proprietary chassis-based routers into an integrated COTS hardware and Open-Source software solution that is fully modular, truly scalable,
  3. Use of carrier-grade protocol stacks from IPinfusion, and support of standard SDN Controllers such as RYU, ONOS, OpenDaylight, NEC’s Programmable Flow Controller, KulCloud’s PRISM, and more…
  4. Active participation in major Open Source initiatives from the Open Networking Foundation, ONOS Project, P4 Consortium, ANZSDN Alliance and others…
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