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Webinar: Barefoot Deep Insight Network Monitoring System

Barefoot Deep Insight (TM) – See What Every Packet is Doing in Your Network.

A breakthrough in network monitoring, Barefoot Deep Insight is first to provide the four ground truths for every packet in the network:

How did it get here? The sequence of switches the packet visited along its path.
Why is it here? The set of rules it matched upon at every switch along the way.
How long was it delayed? The time it spent buffered in every switch, to the nanosecond.
Why was it delayed? The packets, flows, and applications that the packet shared each queue with.

Armed with this information, Deep Insight detects almost any anomaly in the network.

This webinar covers the concepts used and the technology behind Barefoot Deep Insight network monitoring and analytics system.

Click here for the webinar recording on Brighttalk.