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Barefoot Networks Begins Transformation of Technology Industry by Achieving Production Qualification of Tofino™ in Record Time

Barefoot Tofino has been publicly demonstrated through various industry collaborations, including AT&T (In-band Network Telemetry), Cisco (Segment Routing v6, IOAM), Facebook (Layer 4 Load Balancer, ILA), FOX Networks (RTP timestamp based switching), Google (P4 Runtime) and NoviFlow (CyberMapper Threat Intelligence Gateway).

These demonstrations stand as a testament to the power of programmability enabled by P4 and Tofino.

Our partner, Barefoot Networks, officially announced that their Tofino programmable Ethernet switch family of ASICs have been deployed in large scale production. Companies such as Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., Baidu Inc. and Tencent Holding Ltd. have completed the evaluation of Tofino and confirmed that it delivers on its promise of programmability without compromise on performance, power or price. Now, that’s a claim we firmly stand behind.

Finally! Fully-programmable networks.

Tofino processes packets at 6.5 terabits per second. This record-breaking performance and programmability enables customers to build the world’s only fully-programmable networks. This allows network owners to specify the behavior of the packet processing devices in their network — down to the packets flowing on the wire.

Barefoot’s technology has lifted the forwarding plane logic from hardware up into software, enabling software developers to code packet processing behavior in P4 and run it at line rate on Tofino. NoviFlow’s industry-leading NoviWare NOS takes advantage of this paradigm-shift, implementing a fully programmable and extensible match-action pipeline that exposes the advanced capabilities of Barefoot’s Tofino switch chip to controllers and applications running open standards including OpenFlow, gRPC, P4 Runtime.

The Tofino-based NoviWare solution:
  • Enhances Tofino’s capabilities with NoviWare’s  extensive feature-set and support of open standard APIs such as OpenFlow, gRPC, SNMP, CLI, for maximum programmability and easy integration with the current installed base;
  • Enables existing SDN applications running on standard OpenFlow controllers such as ONOS, ODL, RYU and others, to leverage Tofino class networking solutions with little or no modification;
  • Brings the benefits of SDN to a whole new market: high performance spine/core networks, enabling the deployment of enterprise-wide SDN solutions running NoviWare;
  • Enables network operators, data center operators, and enterprises to modify and add functionality to the forwarding plane by changing programs in the field thereby slashing service delivery costs, management complexity, and time-to-market;
  • Is price competitive with fixed-function ASIC-based forwarding planes, but offers a much richer set of capabilities and superior programmability.
Read the Press Release here.