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Bell Canada and Cisco working with NoviFlow to promote SRv6

Webinar: The state of SRv6

About this webinar: Representatives from Cisco and Bell explore the state of SRv6 (SR with IPv6 data plane) and explain how it enhances all SR MPLS capabilities – simplification, resiliency, traffic engineering. They also touch upon why SRv6 alleviates some of the limitations faced by SR MPLS by providing IP summarization and IPv6 header’s flow-label based built-in entropy. Another interesting concept with SRv6 is network programming that allows an end-to-end solution – all the way from the server through networks to clients – and makes it a perfect solution for 5G/ultra-scale networks.  Mentions NoviFlow’s contribution, an SRv6 proxy, a key part of an end to end SRv6 solution

See the LightReading webinar on this link

Check out NovFabric, NoviFlow’s SRv6 service chaining proxy solution