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Lumina Networks Unites Traditional BGP/MPLS Networks with White Box Switching Using New SD-Core Capabilities

Our partner, Lumina Networks, demonstrated how service providers are evolving their core network services to SDN using Lumina Networks’ Flow Manager at the Open Networking Summit

Open Networking Summit — Lumina Networks has implemented new features in the company’s Flow Manager product that allow large network providers to begin immediately evolving their BGP/MPLS networks toward SDN, using a centralized controller and lower cost infrastructure.  Lumina is demonstrating these features at the Linux Foundation’s Open Networking Summit in Los Angeles, March 26-29.

NoviFlow reps are present in the ONS Lumina Booth #17 to help answer any of your questions.

SD-Core brings both existing BGP/MPLS routers and new white box switches, under the control of SDN, combining the use of BGP, PCEP, NETCONF, OpenFlow and P4, to deliver automated end-to-end services, provisioning and management.

“In every SDN deployment, bringing the existing network under an automation framework is the number one priority,” said Andrew Coward, CEO of Lumina Networks. “What makes Lumina different, is our ability to operate a single control plane that software defines the existing routed network and enables white box vendors to integrate into the solution with next-generation switching protocols. This allows our provider customers to offer their existing services seamlessly over both, while at the same time expanding their offers to more advanced services, thus bridging the gap between the old and new.”

Lumina Networks is already the trusted supplier for SD-Core, in production, at several tier-1 operators.  In building the complete solution, Lumina partners with white box switching partners NoviFlow and Pica8.

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