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Broadband Access

Unprecedented Price/Performance in Truly Scalable, Carrier-Grade NBN Broadband Access Solutions for Network Operators, Cloud Providers and Enterprises


Rapidly increasing bandwidth demand and customer expectations for on-demand services are creating challenges for broadband service providers as upgrading legacy network hardware is costly, complex, and inefficient. Built for yesterday’s less dynamic internet traffic, hardware-based BNGs lack the scalability, agility, and performance needed to keep up with rapidly growing bandwidth requirements. The arrival of Austalia’s National Broadband Network (NBN) provides new capabilities, but an evolved Broadband access solution optimized for this architecture is needed to fully deliver these capabilities to Broadband service providers.

NoviFlow and Ordnance Networks solve this problem through a disaggregated Broadband Access Gateway solution that combines NoviFlow’s high-performance SDN switches and Ordnance’s BNB Access Gateway software, resulting in greater scalability, performance, and flexibility, along with lower costs. The joint solution enables carriers to realize unprecedented ease of use, dynamic scalability and on-demand access to Australia’s NBN.

What The NBN Broadband Access Gateway Does

Combines the separation of control and data planes of Software Defined Networks (SDN) with the resource optimization of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), turning BNG/BRAS functionality into an on-demand service instantly accessible to customers via an online web portal or API.

Provides carriers with the ability to offer end users self-provisioned products and services, slashing service delivery costs, management complexity, and the time it takes to deliver new products and services to market.

Delivers Traffic Management and Hierarchical Quality-of-Service (H-QoS) by leveraging NoviFlow’s FlowShaper network processor-based H-QoS and traffic management technology – the same network processors already deployed around the world in chassis-based edge routers costing up to 10x more. (See news release NoviFlow Releases FlowShaper.)

  • Policy Enforcement (QOS), Metering, shaping, scheduling
  • Access tunnelling (PPPoE, L2TP, QinQ, VxLAN, etc)
  • Session management forwarding between VNF and access
  • Access Control and Embedded Security
  • Session load balancing
  • Session statistic
  • IP core tunnelling (L2TP, QinQ, VxLAN, MPLS, PBB, etc)
  • Session forwarding from IP core to access
  • Session forwarding from access to IP core
  • IP routing protocols between VNF (route engine) and IP core

NoviFlow’s BNG/BRAS solutions comprise two major elements:

  1. The control plane which includes the SDN controller, BNG/BRAS application and required protocol stacks (provided by Ordnance Networks – see use case below), and
  2. One or more NoviFlow NoviSwitch programmable pipeline edge switches.
    • Programmable Packet Pipeline implemented on Powerful Multi-Core NPU Silicon
    • Access tunnelling (PPPoE, L2TP, QinQ, VxLAN, etc)
    • Huge QinQ Mapping Tables (Million+ virtual circuits)
    • QoS and Traffic Shaping per User Circuit (requires NoviWare 400.2 and above)
    • Metering per User Circuit
    • Routing of Control traffic (via QinQ tags)
    • Cybersecurity mitigation can be added to Pipeline

Port configurations

NoviFlow’s line of high-performance fully programmable NoviSwitch forwarding planes leverage the advanced packet handling capabilities of the NoviWare Network Operating Software running on high-performance network processors to significantly boost throughput. NoviSwitch is available in a variety of port configurations, with enhanced filtering options at line rates of 1Gbps, 10Gbps, 25Gbps, 40Gbps and 100Gbps, and support up to 16 million simultaneous flows, depending on the NoviSwitch model. As an added benefit, the NoviSwitch/NoviWare programmable match-action pipeline architecture is specifically designed to simultaneously support in a single device multiple network services such as switching, routing, service chaining, firewalling, load balancing, etc.

Use case 1: Broadband Termination Platform

NoviFlow and Ordnance have joined forces to deliver a BNG/Broadband Remote Access Server (BRAS) solution; the first in a family of performance and cost-optimized Virtual Carrier Services uniting NoviFlow’s high performance forwarding planes with Ordnance’s next-generation telecommunications software platform.

  • Separation of control plane from forwarding plane for flexible scaling on either plane
  • X86-based VNF Architecture (recommended OS: Ubuntu Linux)
  • IPoE and PPPoE termination*
  • Per subscriber/product ACL’s/Firewall
  • Per subscriber/product HQoS shaping (requires NoviWare 400.2 and above)
  • Product/Service based QoS
  • 1ad S-TAG/C-TAG Service Delivery
  • RESTFul API service provisioning
  • RESTFul API accounting & monitoring
  • MAC Address Authentication
  • DHCP Option 82 Authentication
  • PPPoE Username & Password Authentication
  • Distributed AAA database minimizes reconnect times caused by mass-disconnects
  • Cloud Hosted or On-Premise Controller
  • RADIUS AAA option
  • Wholesale Tennancies
  • DPI/Cyber Security at the Edge

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