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Canopus Networks is a Winner of Consensus Innovation Awards 2019

Canopus Networks won the Consensus Innovation Award 2019

Canopus Networks won the Consensus Innovation Award 2019 in an award function held at PwC, Sydney on 9th May 2019. NoviFlow is always very excited to share partner success with our ever-growing and expanding network.

What is Consensus Award? 


Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had said:

“The Consensus Awards have a history of celebrating some of the most cutting-edge and innovative Australian tech companies, counting world-famous firms Atlassian and WiseTech Global as former recipients. I have no doubt that this year’s recipients will follow in their success.”


Canopus Networks Pty Ltd is a startup which originated at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney to build futuristic and innovative solutions for deep flow classification and analytics using Machine Learning and Software Defined Networking.

NoviFlow and Canopus Networks Delivers a Bandwidth Optimization Platform

The NoviFlow-Canopus Joint solution leverages NoviFlow’s CyberMapper and Canopus’ Comet software which isolates and manages traffic flows into dynamically configured queues to reduce bandwidth requirements and improve user experience at the same time. Comet utilizes AI based flow classification from Telescope and implements policy-based traffic optimization in real time.

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