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Celebrating a Milestone with SRv6 Network Programming

NoviFlow’s contribution to the SRv6 standard is recognized in the video Celebrating a Milestone with SRv6 Network Programming

The SRv6 market is growing at record speed, recently surpassing over 100 million network users. Since the beginning NoviFlow has been contributing to the IEFT’s work, and our own André Béliveau was recently included in a video celebrating this milestone!

Let’s celebrate SRv6 market adoption at record speed:
February 2017: project kick-off with lead operators in Roma
February 2019: first two major deployments (SBB and Iliad Italy)
March 2020: IPv6 Segment Routing Header becomes RFC8754
March 2021: SRv6 Network Programming becomes RFC8986
Now on our way to 100M subscribers over SRv6 services.
Thanks to all the SRv6 team for this fantastic innovation and speed to deployment and maturity!

Source: Post from Clarence Filsfils, Cisco Fellow at Cisco Systems, PhD