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Cloud Providers And Hyperscale Datacenters

NoviFlow High-Performance Programmable Forwarding Planes for Large-Scale Networks


The world-wide-web, cloud computing, the move to virtualization, and the massive shift of society to an always-connected lifestyle have placed many challenging demands on cloud providers and large-scale datacenters around the world. Hyperconvergence and Hyperscale computing deliver simplification and savings by consolidating all required functionality into a single infrastructure stack running on an efficient, elastic pool of x86 resources, but at the cost of significantly increased network complexity.


Vertically integrated network architectures built from interconnected black-boxes simply cannot keep up with the pace of change, and costs are rising way faster than the revenues. Most current networking infrastructure is built using network ASICs that were never designed to be programmable in the way SDN requires. The quick fix was to virtualize network functions and push these tasks onto v-switch software running on standard X86 servers, only to discover that this processor architecture is ill-suited for packet processing, resulting in disappointing performance, unexpectedly high costs, and a very limited capacity to scale.


Programmable SDN technology is a perfect fit for the software-driven large-scale Data Center, and NoviFlow’s high-performance, solutions provide the programmability, features and performance to leverage SDN to get the most out of Cloud and Hyperscale data centers. At NoviFlow we believe in the fully programmable forwarding plane, which is why we have designed our SDN products not around traditional ASICs or general computing platforms, but rather on high-performance Network Processors, the same ones found at the heart of high-end routers network appliances in almost every datacenter. Our NoviSwitch forwarding planes offer the table capacity to handle millions of flows and the traffic handling throughput and scalability for even the most demanding Cloud and virtualized applications. NoviFlow’s solutions were designed from the inside out to offer the highest level of performance and reliability, and offer both the management support expected by network engineers as well advanced features that enable our customers to make full usage of SDN and programmable networks.

  • Programmable multi-table pipeline, full OpenFlow 1.3 to 1.5, enables up to 16 million flows to be tracked at line-rate up to 100Gbps per port and 800 Gbps switching capacity in a 1U/2U standard rackmount format
  • L2-L7 (incl. data payload) filtering and forwarding
  • VxLAN/L2GRE/L2MPLS/GTP Tunnels
  • API to inject, manage and monitor actions
  • Routing, tunneling, monitoring, dynamic tapping, security filtering and mitigation, metering, load balancing, time stamping and other flow-handling at line-rate as part of network fabric
  • Rich set of O&M features for easy installation, configuration and management
  • Multiple port configurations available optimized for Access, Aggregation and ToR usage
  • Line-rate performance, fast table updates and easy centralized provisioning and control
  • Value-Added services executed in the network fabric, replacing dedicated appliances and thus reducing cost.
  • Capacity increase through unique scale-out architecture
  • Modular scalability from small to hyperscale installations
  • Simplifies deployment of NFV, cloud and multi-tenant services
  • Reduced installation and support costs via remote configuration and upgrades
  • Future Proof
  • Field upgradable as standard evolves via software field-upgrade
  • Flexibility to extend OpenFlow as needed
  • Flexibility to add/remove meta-data information in NSH
  • NO vendor lock-in as all components delivered on commercial off-the-shelf hardware.

NoviFlow Programmable Forwarding

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