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Communication Service Providers

NoviFlow High-Performance Programmable Networking Solutions for Communication Service Providers


Technology never ceases to advance, spawning new challenges with every innovation. Our constantly connected society enjoys unprecedented benefits, but also imposes exceptional demands on service providers. As a result, consumers constantly want more bandwidth, faster links, and improved mobility. Conventional network solutions can no longer keep up with the pace of change nor offer cost-efficient results, and incumbent networking vendors solutions do not scale quickly, take years to implement new networking capabilities like service chaining and SRV6, and only offers solutions that lock customers into their hardware and limited walled-gardens application offerings.


While SDN solves the stiffness of traditional networks’ static architecture, most ASIC-based networking infrastructure does not support this relatively recent technology. X86 processors fix the compatibility issue but cause a loss of packet throughput. These difficulties have resulted in many poor experiences with SDN and hindered its emergence as the new standard on the market.


NoviFlow is a world leader in programmable network solutions that optimize and elastically scale 5G, cybersecurity, virtualized applications and network services anywhere, anytime, with major savings in CAPEX and OPEX. Our Network Edge solutions have been deployed in production with many major carriers at hundreds of sites around the world.
Our solutions simplify network architecture by replacing network elements such as load balancers, packet brokers, service chaining and TAPs with software running directly in the switch, making them up to 10 times lower cost than traditional solutions. Additionally, we preprocess online traffic, which helps reduce traffic sent to server farms by up to 50%, reducing both CAPEX and OPEX.
Our software allows service providers or large enterprises such as financial institutions to scale their cybersecurity services into the multi-Tbps range by transparently load balancing multiple large physical security appliances, as well as security VNFs and CNFs.
NoviFlow’s NoviMapper and NoviFabric solutions were developed in collaboration with Intel, Lanner and leading cybersecurity vendors. These software solutions offer significant cost savings over traditional multi-device rack-based solutions with the same compute, storage, and networking capacity. These include an 89% reduction in hardware costs, a 75% reduction in footprint, and over a 67% reduction in power consumption!

  • Programmable Match Action Pipeline delivered on COTS white-box hardware with multi-Terabit per second capacity
  • Integrates key networking functions such as load balancing, service chaining, and packet brokering directly in the network fabric
  • L2-L7 (incl. data payload) filtering and forwarding
  • VxLAN/L2GRE/L2MPLS/GTP Tunnels
  • API to inject, manage and monitor actions
  • Routing, tunnelling, monitoring, dynamic tapping, Traffic shaping and H-QoS, security filtering and mitigation, metering, load balancing, time stamping, LAG,  BFD link monitoring and other flow-handling at line-rate as part of network fabric
  • Rich set of O&M features for easy installation, configuration, management and zero-touch provisioning (via gRPC)
  • Multiple port configurations available optimized for Access, Aggregation and ToR usage
  • Line-rate performance, fast table updates and easy centralized provisioning and control.
  • Value-Added services executed in the network fabric, replacing dedicated appliances and thus reducing cost.
  • Capacity increase through unique scale-out architecture
  • Modular, dynamic  scalability from small to hyperscale installations into the Terabps range
  • Simplifies deployment of NFV, cloud and multi-tenant services
  • Reduced installation and support costs via remote configuration and upgrades
  • Future Proof
    • Field upgradable as standard evolves via software field-upgrade
    • Flexibility to extend easy software upgrade as needed
    • Flexibility to add/remove meta-data information in NSH
  • NO vendor lock-in as all components delivered on commercial off-the-shelf hardware including both NoviFlow NoviSwitch branded devices as well as Barefoot Tofino-based white box switches (see for details)

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