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Our Supported Controllers:
ONOS, ODL, RYU & Carrier-Grade Open Source OpenKilda



The SDN world has seen a number of Controllers achieve widespread deployments across the global networking community. Each one has specific advantages or unique capabilities setting them apart one from the other. Since the first launch of our first NoviSwitches to the release of the NoviWare NOS for Tofino white-boxes, NoviFlow has endeavored to ensure the highest level of conformity to standards as well as demonstrating the adaptability to work well with a broad community of Controllers, both Open Source – such as RYU, Open Daylight, and ONOS – and commercial controllers from NEC, Brain4Net, netElastic, and many others. NoviFlow has produced and published a number of OpenFlow Experimenter extensions for several of these controllers, including RYU, ONOS and ODL, significantly expanding their capabilities.

NoviWare’s capabilities have also been expanded beyond OpenFlow with the arrival of other management interfaces such NetConf, gRPC and most recently P4-Runtime.

NoviFlow also has a history of working with special purpose controllers. These include ONF projects such as ATRIUM and the Faucet L2-3 switiching software. In regards to the later, in late 2018 NoviFlow unleashed Terabit scale switching with the Faucet Open Source SDN Controller via NoviWare for Barefoot’s Tofino switching chip.

NoviFlow is happy to announce that we will also support one of the newest arrivals on the Controller scene, Open Kilda, a carrier-grade Open Source SDN controller designed for use with programmable match-action forwarding planes, and so particularly well suited for use with NoviFlow’s NoviSwitches as well as white-boxes supporting NoviFlow’s NoviWare NOS.

  • Scale: Designed for a Global network in which both the data plane and control plane can scale.
  • Kilda can control up to a 10,000 switch network with 16 million flows
  • Network State: Multiple data points are collected for comprehensive end-to-end network state
  • Self-healing: Enables networks to automatically recover from equipment and link failures
  • Telemetry: Kilda provides stats collection and visualization to help you manage your global network
  • Path Computation Engine: OpenKilda includes a Path Computation Engine (PCE) with dynamic customer provisioning
  • Graphical User Interface: OpenKilda includes a graphical interface to configuration, telemetry
    and state monitoring
  • Designed by network operators for use by network operators
  • Designed for on-demand, dynamic multi-domain networks
  • Future proof, allows new features/functionality to be added over the life of the network
  • OpenKilda has already been commercially deployed around the world with NoviFlow’s NoviSwitches, including one deployment with 23 points-of-presence in 11 countries.

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