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CyberMapper Aggregator Launch

NoviFlow Launches CyberMapper Aggregator, a Next Generation Network Packet Broker Leveraging the Power of SDN at Silicon Speeds

NoviFlow’s innovative FlowAgent Pipeline architecture greatly simplifies the creation and maintenance of sophisticated rules for tap-to-tool solutions at multiple Terabit speeds

The Hague, Netherlands – NoviFlow has officially launched CyberMapper Aggregator at the Layer123 World Congress virtual event held November 16th to 18th, 2021.

“NoviFlow’s CyberMapper Aggregator represents an exciting new way to get the right traffic from the network taps/SPANS to the right network analytics tools with unprecedented ease and flexibility. It greatly simplifies even the complex packet brokering needs and increased throughput requirements of 5G infrastructure.”

          Dominique Jodoin, NoviFlow’s President and CEO.

“CyberMapper Aggregator – a cost-effective and scalable SDN-based Packet Broker Solution for today’s complex and more demanding network architectures”

          Jeff Elpern, NoviFlow’s Director of Product Management.


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