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Telco Cloud in a Box

NoviEdge MEC Platform


Among the expected benefits of 5G networks are increased bandwidth, lower latency for response-time sensitive services, and the possibility for tighter integration of the RAN to online and cloud-based services. However, to fully deliver these benefits, carriers see the need to push network and cloud-based services to the edge of their network. The central office, historically used by carriers to house highly specialized equipment, is quickly being transformed into a data center optimized to deploy virtualized network services, bringing to bear in the process a major new capability of the next generation central office: the Telco Cloud. The Telco Cloud will enable carriers to:

  • Run low latency end user applications such as virtualized 4G and 5G mobile core, gaming, augmented/virtual reality, and cybersecurity services such as firewalls and DDoS to protect networks
  • Hand off the traffic to the public clouds that are also moving to the edge such as virtualized GiLAN services, TCP Optimization and CGNAT
  • Offer an “off-ramp” to enable carriers to get low value internet traffic (such as OTT streaming video) off their network as soon as possible.

NoviFlow’s Telco Cloud in a Box

NoviFlow’s NoviEdge MEC solution includes all of the necessary elements for a Telco cloud in a box by including the server blades, network infrastructure and storage in a single platform, ideal for implementing services with restrictive size, power and cooling budgets. The result is a next generation SDN-based platform optimized to for the deployment of virtualized applications and service at the network’s edge. 
  • NoviEdge implements load balancing, packet filtering, service chaining, and telemetry directly in the network fabric in a simple, scalable, compact form factor, and at a fraction of the price of conventional networking solutions.
  • NoviEdge MEC solves the performance issues of implementing services on x86 by allowing you to create a service cluster by load balancing traffic across multiple virtual machines in the platform for true scalability.
  • NoviEdge MEC solution provides an off-ramp to the Internet, so operators can get low value internet traffic off their internal network ASAP.
  • The NoviEdge Edge software suite, combined with the Lanner’s HTCA-6600 whitebox hardware, delivers an integrated all-in-one compute, network and storage platform that is optimized for data-plane applications.
  • We provide what we call a “Telco cloud in a box’ : the NoviEdge Edge MEC platform. It is a pre-integrated, open-platform that is ready to deploy across edge POPs including next generation central offices
  • NoviEdge also helps carriers in reducing 5G latency  – for “Delay Critical” slices – by facilitating the migration of applications to the network edge. Thus, latency sensitive services can economically be brought closer to the users.
  • The NoviEdge MEC Platform includes a scalable compute capacity to host virtual security applications, dynamic load balancing, service chaining, operational analytics, routing services, and local orchestration (road map).
  • NoviEdge is a truly Open MEC platform, avoiding vendor lock-in and allowing carriers to select best-of-breed solutions that meet their specific needs. For example, NoviEdge MEC supports both Fortinet and Radware to deliver virtualized cybersecurity solutions.
  • And because it is based on programmable chips – X86 for compute and Tofino for networking –  NoviEdge’s software can be easily upgraded to evolve over time, and hence is future-proof.

NoviFlow understands that bringing the Telco cloud to the network edge presents challenges that require an open approach involving many different parties acting in concert. With Intel, Lanner, Red Hat and others, we have built a coalition of partnersthat delivers a tightly integrated and economical MEC solution that is nevertheless built to be adaptable and evolve with our customers’ needs.

  • Pre-integrated, open-platform that is ready to deploy across edge POPs including next generation central offices
  • Enables delay critical applications to run at the network edge for 5G, GiLAN, gaming, process automation and other latency-sensitive applications (meets 5 to 20 ms latency requirements)
  • Provides scaling, load balancing and service chaining of carriers’ virtualized network services and Telco Cloud services
  • Provides an off-ramp to the Internet to off-load OTT and Cloud based services from the internal network as soon as possible
  • Open solution to avoid vendor lock-in and enable carriers to choose best-of-breed services rather than be limited to a walled-garden
  • Enables carriers to innovate faster and at a lower cost!
  • Accelerates performance and reduces costs of existing Cyber Security solutions and VNFs
    • Packet steering, dynamic security, scaling, and real-time innovation into the Terabps range
    • Transparent scaling and right-sizing of cybersecurity tools and Telco Cloud services
    • Eliminates the cost of external load balancers
    • Filters out known bad traffic before it enters the network
    • Faster TTM and easy integration via Open APIs
  • Significantly reduces network complexity, latency, and costs
    • Unlimited linear scalability
    • Protects investments in network hardware because the entire stack from the switch silicon to the application is programmable
    • Leverages white-box hardware and Open Standards such as OpenShift, Kubernetes, gRPC and P4-Runtime for maximum economies of scale

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