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NoviFlow’s Cybersecurity session on CIS2021

Cybersecurity: When you can’t win CHANGE the RULES

Session by Tim Kline, NoviFlow’s Head of Business Development – Cybersecurity

See NoviFlow’s session at The Cybersecurity & Identity Summit 2021, on how to make your network more secure while reducing costs, power consumption and your network’s carbon footprint.

Presentation abstract: The rapid growth in both traffic volumes as well as the methods, origin and frequency of cyber-attacks has led to edge network architectures that are overly complex, inherently less robust, and increasingly more difficult and expensive to scale.

NoviFlow’s network security fabric solutions increase the availability, reliability, and speed of both new and existing network security services. In this presentation we will briefly describe how our approach empowers cyber defenders by allowing them to deploy any network security tool anywhere anytime and mitigate threats at network speeds into the Terabps range, all while making cybersecurity future-proof and anti-fragile by embracing and leveraging the flexible architecture and power of programmable networking. The end result is a more secure and greener network featuring lower OPEX and CAPEX, space requirements, power consumption and carbon footprint.