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NoviSwitch High-Performance Programmable Forwarding Planes for Cybersecurity


Recent years have seen tremendous and accelerating increases in demand for data networking capacity with carriers and in enterprises. The popularization of mobile devices, streaming video-based applications and the Internet of Things (IoT) has opened the door to unprecedented security risks on massive traffic volumes. Social networks, state-sponsored cyberterrorism, and AI-driven malware pose an even greater challenge for companies that seek to protect their date in a cost-effective fashion.


Traditional network defence architectures are facing great difficulties in keeping up with hackers constantly developing new exploits, techniques, and attack vectors. The fixed-at-design capabilities of most ASIC-based networking equipment offer limited options to upgrade protection of networks to evolving malicious incursions. The attempt to virtualize cybersecurity functions and implement them in standard x86 servers demonstrated that these systems are ill-suited for packet data processing, resulting in disappointing performance, unexpectedly high costs, and a very limited capacity to scale.


NoviFlow’s CyberMapper Threat Intelligence Gateway leverages the capabilities of Software Defined Networking (SDN) to accelerate and scale commercial cyber security solutions, while reducing total customer network CAPEX and OPEX. CyberMapper is designed around a series of open application programming interfaces (APIs), open authentication technology, and standardized telemetry that links cyber security services and appliances directly into NoviFlow’s programmable fabric, providing end-to-end broad, automated and integrated security. Cyber security mitigation actions are programmed right into the switch fabric.

NoviFlow also offers Professional Services to assist cyber security solution vendors new to OpenFlow and SDN to get started on leveraging the benefits of NoviSwitch and CyberMapper with their own products.

NoviFlow CyberSecurity Load Balancer
  • Programmable Match Action Pipeline
  • Customizable switch for specific security needs
  • Match and act on anything in Header
  • Implement Powerful Mitigation policies
  • Steer flows where you want and how you want n Integrate load balancing
  • Scale-out existing cyber security services
  • Accelerate security stack performance by off-loading services
  • Protect “State” in Fail-over or Dynamic Scaling processes
  • Replaces high-end, expensive load balancers
  • Increases throughput of existing cluster by filtering traffic before it reaches the network

NoviFlow Programmable Forwarding

Plane Use Cases

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