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Programmable Forwarding Planes For Scalable DDoS Protection

NoviFlow switches implement the next generation networking technology – a programmable forwarding plane with match+action rules in a fully programmable pipeline. This new networking paradigm has huge implications for implementing network intelligence where it can do the most work: protecting networks from attack by stopping them before they get to application servers. It enables network policy enforcement, resource optimization and cybersecurity to work directly the network fabric to optimize user experience, new service deployment, efficient multi-tenancy, and both operating and capital costs.

The Rising Sophistication and Massive Scale of Cybercrime

Recent years have seen tremendous and accelerating increases in demand for data networking capacity with carriers and in enterprises. The multiplication of mobile and connected devices, the proliferation of streaming video-based applications, and now the internet of things (IoT) will only increase the challenge of delivering capacity and ensuring quality as data moves from web to mobile to machines. The challenge is even greater for companies seeking to protect data, infrastructure and identities by cost-effectively inspecting, analyzing and mitigating cyber threats in an age of social networks, state-sponsored cyber- terrorism, automated BOT networks, and machine learning driven malware.

Solution: NoviFlow’s NoviMapper and Radware’s DefensePro Software

Dynamically Scale DDoS Security Clusters Using SDN

The joint Radware/NoviFlow solution combines NoviFlow’s NoviMapperTM SDN-enhanced forwarding plane with Radware’s industry-leading on-premise DDoS mitigation device, DefensePro, and cybercontrol application, DefenseFlow, to deliver high throughput and scalable DDoS mitigation. This eliminates the need for load balancing, network changes/updates and provides a mitigation API interface that allows Radware’s solutions to directly control the instantiation and provisioning of traffic steering on NoviFlow’s NoviWare switches. The result is an automated DDoS attack prevention service that scales on-demand while reducing total networking CAPEX and OPEX.

  • Scales a cluster of DefensePro virtual machines for higher performance
  • Evolved security architecture separates analytics and detection from mitigation/enforcement
  • Provides same features as NoviMapper but adds features specific to DDoS challenges
  • DDoS extensions:
    • Load balances SYN requests
    • Pins SYN response to the exact DDoS tool issuing the challenge
  • Ability to scale a DDoS farm to meet today’s bandwidth challenges
  • Lower cost solution than competing
  • Accelerate performance with off-load services
  • Replaces high-end, expensive load balancers
  • Increase throughput of existing Radware cluster

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