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Dynamic Inline Packet Broker



With the arrival of virtualization, the cloud computing and ubiquitous mobile devices, volumes of traffic are increasing exponentially. Also, the types of services offered increasingly rely on a huge variety of business processes provided as services that run across networks, many of which are distributed across multiple domains. As the percentage of data center traffic going ‘east-west’ within and between data centers has risen to over 80% of the total, the duplication of massive amounts of network flows in order to get telemetry, monitor usage and analyse traffic, as well as the hardware and operating expenses of installing physical TAPs, is driving the cost of Packer Broker and Telemetry collection through the roof.


NoviFlow Launches Dynamic In-Line Packet Broker Services That Optimize and Economically Scale Packet Broker Functions into the Terabps Range

NoviFlow’s Dynamic In-Line Packet Broker Services deliver optimized flow monitoring and acquisition functions without requiring the use of optical taps to duplicate packets on the main network and transmit them to monitoring and analytics network. NoviFlow’s DIPB Services are designed to optimize and scale the Flow Acquisition functions of the Packet Broker layered environment. NoviFlow’s DIPB Services move Packet Broker technology into the SDN world. For ease of use and integration into existing brownfield networks, the tap and filtering services are implemented and controlled via a RESTful API. Thus, the whole process of traffic monitoring with a tap/filter is virtualized, eliminating the cost and time required to place physical tap hardware, and enabling traffic to be monitored dynamically whenever needed under the control of Security Orchestration packages.

  • Includes all CyberMapper functionality
  • Multi-Terabit Packet Broker for mixed passive/active tool farms
  • Dynamic Tapping of flows
  • Dynamic Packet Steering to Active in-line tools
  • Dynamic whitelist to bypass tool farm
  • Deep inspection inside of encapsulated packets
  • Inspect IP headers inside multiple label encapsulation
  • Filter protocol control packets from being sent to tool farms
  • Enhanced Terabit throughput capabilities – a new level of Terabit performance at an affordable price point.
  • Dynamic Tap/Select Services – the ability to dynamically initiate and manage taps and filter network traffic via SDN.
  • Proportional Load Balancing to Tool Farm – enhanced Enumerated Load Balancing algorithm to service Tool devices with different throughput capabilities, easily accommodating environments where Tool devices have been added over time and thus vary in capabilities.
  • Flow Affinity Load Balancing and non-Destructive Fail-Over Services – Tool Farm dynamic scaling in real-time, and non-destructive fail-over while protecting the stateful information (metadata) about flows as virtualized tools are spun up or down in response to changes in traffic.
  • Multi-Tenant Port Pairs – allows flows from multiple sources (tenants) to be processed by the same Tool Farm, providing a significant reduction in cost per port.
  • Cluster Activity Dashboard – a web-based dashboard that presents the activity and allocation of the flow Load Balancing to the Tool Farm in real-time.

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