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NoviFlow High-Performance Programmable Forwarding Planes for Network Scaling and Acceleration


Today, almost everything runs on applications. Massive amounts of data, multimedia usage and the advent of cloud computing have challenged data networks with unprecedented demands. Data centers thus became difficult and expensive to manage. As technology rapidly advances and personal devices become ever more powerful, network providers must keep up with the pace.


As a result, companies on the cutting edge of technology sought out new alternatives. Software Defined Networking (SDN) makes it possible to optimize networks on the fly and to quickly reallocate resources in reaction to changes in network usage. SDN has proven to be one of the most efficient and responsive solutions and has been implemented using OpenFlow, an open industry standard for SDN systems. However, early deployments showed that traditional ASIC-based network equipment cannot support SDN’s full capabilities, limiting potential benefits. At the same time, vSwitches on X86-based devices provided access to the full SDN feature set, but with limited switching throughput, leading to a rapid escalation in equipment costs and limited application scalability with even the highest performance processor cores.


That is where NoviFlow comes in. At NoviFlow, we believe in delivering SDN without compromises. Our SDN products are built on High-Performance Network Processors, the same ones found at the heart of the most advanced data centers, unlocking the full potential of SDN for our users. Our fully programmable and scalable NoviSwitch forwarding planes support even the most demanding Enterprise applications, with a table capacity for handling millions of flows and throughput into the Terabit range. NoviFlow’s solutions offer the highest level of performance, ideal for use as a service insertion point at the edge of operator and multi-tenant networks, and as a top-of-rack switch in demanding cloud and virtualized environments. And because our customers include some of the largest networks on Earth, our solutions are built with carrier-grade reliability and management support.

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  • Programmable multi-table pipeline, full OpenFlow 1.3 to 1.5, enables up to 16 million flows to be tracked at line-rate up to 100Gbps per port and 800 Gbps switching capacity in a 1U/2U standard rackmount format
  • L2-L7 (incl. data payload) filtering and forwarding
  • VxLAN/L2GRE/L2MPLS/GTP Tunnels
  • API to inject, manage and monitor actions
  • Routing, tunneling, monitoring, dynamic tapping, security filtering and mitigation, metering, load balancing, time stamping and other flow-handling at line-rate as part of network fabric
  • Rich set of O&M features for easy installation, configuration and management
  • Multiple port configurations available optimized for Access, Aggregation and ToR usage
  • Line-rate performance, fast table updates and easy centralized provisioning and control
  • Value-Added services executed in the network fabric, replacing dedicated appliances and thus reducing cost.
  • Capacity increase through unique scale-out architecture
  • Modular scalability from small to hyperscale installations
  • Simplifies deployment of NFV, cloud and multi-tenant services
  • Reduced installation and support costs via remote configuration and upgrades
  • Future Proof
  • Field upgradable as standard evolves via software field-upgrade
  • Flexibility to extend OpenFlow as needed
  • Flexibility to add/remove meta-data information in NSH
  • NO vendor lock-in as all components delivered on commercial off-the-shelf hardware.

NoviFlow Programmable Forwarding

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