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Faucet: Deploying SDN in the Enterprise

Using OpenFlow and DevOps for rapid development

Many users of SDN and OpenFlow in wide area and data center networks have shared their experiences, including Google. Below is a link to one such article that focuses on enterprise and campus networks, presenting an open-source SDN controller for such networks: Faucet.

The Faucet controller provides a “drop-in” replacement for one of the most basic network elements—a switch—and was created to easily bring the benefits of SDN to today’s typical enterprise network.

Faucet topology NoviSwitch NoviFlow

Faucet stacking (distributed switching)

Here is an example topology with 3 switches, including our NoviSwitch.

For more details, follow the Faucet blog, here.

Note: Originally published  in acmqueue, september-october 2016