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NoviSwitch shines at Berkeley Lab, Google FAUCET Interoperability Demonstration

Event hosted by Berkeley Lab and Google demonstrates multi-vendor interoperability of FAUCET SDN software

March 30th, 2017:  Berkeley, CA – NoviFlow was one of seven network equipment vendors who successfully tested and demonstrated the interoperability of FAUCET, an open-source SDN (software-defined networking) controller. The event was sponsored by Google, LBLnet (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s internal network) and ESnet, the U.S. Department of Energy’s high-speed international network.

FAUCET was originally developed in New Zealand by REANNZ and the University of Waikato with the support of Google. The software enables SDN switches to directly (drop-in) replace non-SDN switches, as well as providing additional SDN-based enhancements such as policy-based L2/L3 forwarding. NoviFlow’s NoviSwitch was a main draw at the event, offering not only multi-table support, but also a huge flow-table space supporting up to 16 million entries. NoviSwitch also features many other enhancements such as IP/UDP packet payload matching and hashing functions that make FAUCET even more advantageous when used to implement access control lists, traffic classification, filtering, cybersecurity and load balancing at the network’s edge.

The FAUCET SDN controller is described in greater detail in a 2016 technical paper on deploying FAUCET, coauthored by Google’s Josh Bailey and Stephen Stuart, who were also present at the event. Josh Bailey also maintains a blog on FAUCET at

Learn more about how to deploy and use FAUCET at
You can get more detail on the event itself  by reading the press release (click here).