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Florida International University presented at TNC22

Q-Factor: enabling host tuning using In-band Network Telemetry (with NoviFlow enabled switches)

Last June in Trieste Italy, Jeronimo Bezerra from Florida International University presented at TNC22, the largest and most prestigious research and education networking conference, and was hosted by GARR, the Italian Research and Education Network.

The presentation covered the motivations to tune data-transfer hosts, how the Q-Factor leverages In-band Network Telemetry (INT), the use of Linux socket level information for tuning, and results from tuning network endpoints. Q-Factor is a framework that enables high-speed data transfer tuning and optimization based on real-time network state information provided by programmable data planes and network sockets. Q-Factor addresses data transfer tuning and optimization processes by changing how network endpoints, including Data Transfer Nodes (DTNs), consume network state information. Q-Factor is a project led by Florida International University (FIU) and the Energy Sciences Network (ESnet) and funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF Award #2018754) 

See recording here. This presentation was part of the Data Driven Networking sessions, please note Jeronimo’s presentation is the third one on this video precisely at 1:10:46.

For more information download the white paper: Taking the AmLight network to the next level by FIU & NoviFlow.


– Jeronimo Bezerra – Florida International University