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NoviFlow High-Performance Programmable Forwarding Planes for Governments and Intelligence Agencies


Government IT groups and Intelligence Agencies must be equipped with state-of-the-art network solutions. It is a question of security and protecting national interests. With the rapid advancement of technology, governments are challenged to strengthen the performance, stability and safety of their network systems.


However, governments deal with all the same network growth, cybersecurity and evolution as enterprises, yet at an even greater scale. Virtualization brings forth issues with network complexity and scalability. Integrating parts from multiple vendors with in-house developed systems gives way for interoperability complications. Despite the elevated cost of incumbent vendors’ proprietary protocols, their solutions implement only a part of the full potential of programmable networking and the growth of demand outpaces the current infrastructure’s ability to scale economically.


These challenges present an opportunity for improvement and NoviFlow offers robust, scalable solutions to optimize and reinforce government network systems. Our NoviMapper, NoviBroker and NoviAnalytics solutions feature the most complete implementation of programmable networking on high-bandwidth network hardware. Our solutions are delivered on COTS white-box hardware and can be integrated via Open Source APIs or provided controllers, enabling economical and elastic scaling of network services as well as support for multi-cloud installations. Pre-programmed solutions and abstraction middleware reduce both the costs and software development delays. NoviFlow products also support the 6.5 Tbps Intel Tofino hardware with the throughput and capacity for truly nation-scale deployment, as well as a software upgrade path to P4-Runtime for extended solution in-service lifetime.

  • Programmable multi-table pipeline, delivered on COTS white-box switching hardware with Multi-Terabit per second capacity
  • Integrates key networking functions such as load balancing, service chaining, and packet brokering directly in the network fabric
  • L2-L7 (incl. data payload) filtering and forwarding
  • VxLAN/L2GRE/L2MPLS/GTP Tunnels
  • API to inject, manage and monitor actions
  • Routing, tunnelling, monitoring, dynamic tapping, Traffic shaping and H-QoS, security filtering and mitigation, metering, load balancing, time stamping, LAG,  BFD link monitoring and other flow-handling at line-rate as part of network fabric
  • Rich set of O&M features for easy installation, configuration, management and zero-touch provisioning (via gRPC)
  • Multiple port configurations available optimized for Access, Aggregation and ToR usage
  • Provides a smooth software-based upgrade path from OpenFlow to P4 Runtime
  • Line-rate performance, fast table updates and easy centralized provisioning and control
  • Value-Added services executed in the network fabric, replacing dedicated appliances and thus reducing cost.
  • Capacity increase through unique scale-out architecture
  • Modular, dynamic  scalability from small to hyperscale installations into the multi-Terabps range
  • Simplifies deployment of NFV, cloud and multi-tenant services
  • Reduced installation and support costs via remote configuration and upgrades
  • Future Proof
    • Field upgradable as standard evolves via software field-upgrade
    • Flexibility to extend via software as needed
    • Flexibility to add/remove meta-data information in NSH
  • NO vendor lock-in as all components delivered on commercial off-the-shelf Intel Tofino-based white box switches

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