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Sustainable Networking and Green Cybersecurity

Reducing the Carbon Footprint of IT


The first two decades of this millennium have seen an enormous rise in the usage of communications and information technology in every sector of personal and economic life. The resources and power consumption dedicated to ICT have risen in proportion to this increase in usage, taking in every greater percentage share of the carbon and energy burden of the global economy. Despite the enormous strides that have been made in many industries to reduce their carbon burden, with virtualization and cloud computing, the actual energy burden of executing many ICT services has actually increased in recent years.


Early on, NoviFlow saw the potential of SDN to reduce the energy and carbon burden of networking equipment. One of our first major investors was the CEEE, who recognized the potential of our offering for sustainable ICT. Almost ten years later, NoviFlow is recognized as a world leader in new generation security network fabrics that empower our customers to deploy, utilize and scale any network security service anywhere, anytime, with major savings in hardware and software costs, power consumption and carbon footprint.

NoviFlow’s NoviWare NOS and NoviMapper Domain Specific Controllers (DSC) optimize deployment costs, elastically scale services, and enable their deployment anywhere in the network, anytime, with full and accurate network visibility. They also reduce network complexity and minimize the cyberattack surface by implementing key network functionalities such as load-balancing, packet filtering and traffic redirection directly in the network fabric. NoviFlow’s NoviAnalytics provides remote management, provisioning and enabling automation.

NoviFlow’s solutions can be installed in almost any network. We focus on working with existing systems, extending both the utilization rate and in-service lifetime of already installed infrastructure. This also reduces the need and frequency of hardware replacement and permits incremental improvement strategies rather than forcing large scale replacements (forklift upgrades). NoviFlow is also an active participant in the evolution of the SRv6 standard, which will enable more efficient use of resources across entire networks. The end result are greener, more agile and sustainable networks that scale into the multi-Tbps range.

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