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MEC Webinar

Programmable MEC Solution GSMA Webinar

Unleashing Scalable Innovation with Programmable MEC

About this webinar:

Virtualization, cloud computing and ubiquitous mobile devices are all contributing to exponential increases in traffic volumes. To cope, services are moving closer to the Edge, and network traffic generated by telemetry, usage monitoring and traffic analysis are driving the costs of load balancing, packet brokering and telemetry collection through the roof. Furthermore, the increasing complexity of implementing security at the edge is becoming a limiting factor to protecting data, identity and network resources in the core, as well as becoming a barrier to network adaptability, latency and scalability and driving up both OPEX and CAPEX.

This presentation describes CyberElastic, a Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) Platform solution that combines components from Intel, NoviFlow, Lanner and Fortinet to deliver a pre-integrated multi- Tbps scale-out Firewall service featuring elastic scalability, pay-as-you-grow economics, massive throughput, sophisticated analytics, easy installation, configuration and remote monitoring.

Hosted by: GSMA

Date: December 16th, 2020


  • Jesper Eriksson, VP Sales and Product Management of NoviFlow
  • Sven Freudenfeld, CTO, Telecom Applications Business Unit at Lanner
  • Nicholas Thomas, Standards, MANO and VNF Strategist at Fortinet
  • Prem Jonnalagadda, Senior Director of Product Management and Marketing at Intel