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Hyper-scale Security in Mobile Networks. Webinar by Fortinet & NoviFlow

About this webinar…

Enhanced bandwidth, massive connectivity and ultra-low latency are key components in MNOs’ ability to deliver value and drive growth and innovation in the consumer and business segments.

The successful delivery and consumption of a set of value add services will also depend on the MNO’s ability to safeguard technology, infrastructure and use cases – while maintaining the hyper scalability required in terms of performance.

Join this webinar to learn why security hyperscalability is now required in MNO networks and how Fortinet and NoviFlow have teamed up to deliver the industry’s most agile and performant hyperscale solution for 4G and 5G. To demonstrate the benefits of this approach the webinar will also showcase a live demo featuring our joint CG-NAT solution.

Live Date : 15th July 2020