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Intel Network Builders Winners’ Circle 2021

NoviFlow selected to 2021 Winners’ Circle of Intel’s Network Builders Program

For the second time in three years NoviFlow has been selected for Intel’s prestigious Network Builders Winners’ Circle Awards! The 2021 edition of the Winners’ Circle Awards recognizes Intel partners who have been working to accelerate network transformation by optimizing their solutions on Intel technology.

According to Dominique Jodoin, President and CEO of NoviFlow: “NoviFlow is pleased and honored to again be inducted into the Intel® Network Builders Winners’ Circle. This award is a validation of our multi-year investment in P4 programming capabilities and in developing high-performance programmable networking solutions based on the Tofino processor from Intel’s Barefoot Networks division. Tofino’s unique characteristics and capabilities provide the very foundation of our CyberMapper Edge MEC solution, CyberMapper Aggregator Network Packet Broker, as well as our NoviSpeaker P4Runtime development and deployment environment, which have been commercially deployed around the globe by CSPs, digital enterprises, hyperscale service providers and government agencies.”