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NoviFlow introduces NoviSwitch 2150 and NoviSwitch 21104 SDN Access Switches

NoviFlow announces the NoviSwitch 2150 and the NoviSwitch 21104 High Performance Access Switches for SDN, NVF and OpenFlow 1.3 and 1.4

New switches provide 240 Gbps of OpenFlow throughput for linking high-performance SDN gateways to access networks, and are a key component of NoviFlow’s Scale-Out Router solution.

Singapore, May 31st, 2016 – NoviFlow Inc., a leading provider of high-performance OpenFlow-based switching solutions, today announced the NoviSwitch 2150 and NoviSwitch 21104. The new switches extend the company’s high-performance OpenFlow data plane solutions to include access switches for deployments requiring higher port densities, in this case 50 and 104 Ethernet link ports, with full support for OpenFlow 1.3 and OpenFlow 1.4, and offering up to 240 Gbps of packet throughput (240 Gbps in and 240 Gbps out), up to 1 million wildcard match flow-entries in TCAM, and 15 million exact match flow entries in DRAM.

Read the full press release here.