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Introduction to NoviBroker with Operational Monitoring

Video introduces NoviBroker Network Packet Broker along with NoviAnalytics and NoviDashboard for large-scale fleet deployments ideal for CSPs

This video introduces NoviBroker, NoviFlow’s next-generation Network Packet Broker designed specifically for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), along with its NoviAnalytics monitoring and NoviDashboard “single-pane-of-glass” providing operational management for even large fleet installations. NoviBroker is a cost-effective traffic aggregator with up to 6.4Tbps of throughput supporting interface speeds of 10G to 100G for maximum compatibility with existing network infrastructure, providing customers with a flexible SDN-based Network Packet Broker solution to get the right traffic from the network to the right network analysis tools at line rate.

In this recording, NoviFlow gives a brief introduction to this suite of software, with emphasis on the key benefits it provides to CSP in terms of CAPEX, OPEX and scalability.

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– Marc LeClerc, NoviFlow’s VP of Marketing