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Inside-OpenFlow delivers Faucet technical tutorial

It’s time to Open the Faucet on SDN!

Inside-OpenFlow, the resource site for people who want to use OpenFlow, has launched a new Technical Track introducing the powerful Ryu-based platform Faucet. Faucet is an extensible L2 platform for OpenFlow networks utilizing the Ryu OpenFlow controller. The Faucet platform also supports some L3 features, full VLAN learning and advanced ACL support, all out of the box!

When used as a base platform for advanced OpenFlow applications, you can squeeze every bit of functionality out of your switches with Faucet. With today’s hardware OpenFlow switches that support hundreds of thousands of wildcard match flows (and millions of exact match flows), the possibilities are endless. Imagine offloading most, if not all, of your firewall rules, ACLs, and even full IP blacklists right down to your top-of-rack switch, all executing at line-rate. Keep your east-to-west traffic safe with per-host internal ACLs and firewall rules without having to invest in expensive and slow x86 firewall appliances. Augment existing IDS/IPS systems to offload rules directly to the switch once threats (and non-threats) are identified, reducing the overall load on these systems, which allows for more compute intensive deep packet inspection or decreasing the size of your IDS/IPS cluster. When using Faucet as your base platform, these tasks become much easier.

The track also covers running Faucet in a zero-cost virtual infrastructure using industry standard development tools such as Mininet and Python Virtualenv. With this new segment of Inside-OpenFlow there’s no reason not to get started developing using Faucet right away, even before purchasing your first OpenFlow switch!

Click here to get started with OpenFlow and Faucet.