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NoviFlow and IP Infusion add carrier grade networking stacks to SDN

NoviFlow and IP Infusion, Inc., a leading provider of intelligent network software for telecom and data communications services, have announced that they are working together to bring to market a ground-breaking Software Defined Networking (SDN) based solution that unites the advantages of high-performance OpenFlow forwarding planes with carrier-grade networking stacks.

NoviFlow’s Scale-Out Router leverages SDN and OpenFlow to disaggregate the traditional monolithic router into independently scalable elements, replacing proprietary systems with COTS hardware. The router software is further disaggregated into component parts, each of which can be scaled independently: the ONOS controller, NoviFlow’s open source Scale-Out Router application, and IP Infusion’s licensed VirNOSTM-C protocol stacks. The forwarding plane is provided by standard OpenFlow switches such as NoviFlow’s high-performance NoviSwitch products. The result is a fully functional, centrally controlled and reliable network router supporting major routing protocols such as BGP, IS-IS, OSPF and LDP, that is much easier to scale and far more economical to operate than traditional scale-up monolithic routers, thus reducing CAPEX by over 75% and OPEX by as much as 65%.