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May 2023 Newsletter

A Word From our CEO Dominique Jodoin

Firstly, I am thrilled to report that we have closed a very successful fiscal year at the end of March. Despite the uncertain global economic environment, our customers have maintained their investments in the segments of their operations we are addressing, for example in cybersecurity and network monitoring, and have continued to deploy our products. Our team of professionals has worked tirelessly to deliver innovative solutions to our customers, and we have seen this year again the results of our efforts. We are proud to see that our customers are expanding their usage of our products, especially at the network edge. In the last year we have continued to collaborate closely with market leading carriers and partners to define new cyberdefense architectures for mobile and fixed networks, and their feedback is that our networking software products contribute to greatly simplify service insertion, to reduce the attack surfaces, and to provide greater visibility. As we look ahead, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in network technology, and we are excited to continue serving our customers with excellence.


MPLS, SD & AI Net World Congress 2023

The event gathered Interesting conversations about SRv6 enhancements and deployments. NoviFlow is proud to be a key actor of the SRv6 environment providing service programming, visibility, cybersecurity scaling and service insertion at the network edge with our carrier networking software solutions. Cisco’s Clarence Filsfils presented the latest SRv6 Technology Status and Deployments. Check out his presentation on demand here.


SRv6 enhancements and deployments

NoviFlow’s NoviFabric SRv6 Service Proxy for CSPs is the ideal example. The solution adds SRv6 support to its existing packet brokerage, load balancing, and network telemetry services, effectively reducing the overall cost for the Service Provider Edge by integrating these network functions into an easy to manage and elastically scalable solution. Click here to know more about NoviFabric.






Implementing Services in the Cloud (Google, AWS)

A leader and visionary in the SRv6 community, Mr. Bernier provided a comprehensive overview of where segment routing is heading and covered actual deployments. You can watch the session on demand on this link.






P4 Workshop

SRv6 enhancements and deployments


The P4 Workshop 2023 was an opportunity for the P4 ecosystem to share knowledge and experiences with the broader community and to facilitate collaboration. The workshop incorporated insights and perspectives from the P4 community in: P4 language, P4 targets, P4 tool chain.

Watch this short video about NoviFlow’s P4-based programmable network solutions featuring Marc LeClerc NoviFlow’s VP Marketing during the Mobile World Congress 2023 (#MWC23).



MWC 2023

Themes and topics that are shaping our industry and creating a brighter future!

MWC Barcelona 2023, was the largest and most influential event for the global connectivity and telecommunications ecosystem.

NoviFlow’s programmable network solutions deliver Terabit performance for 5G, Packet Brokering, Visibility, and Service Programming for VNFs and network services for CSP’s around the world. Our solutions simplify networks by running load balancing, service chaining, packet brokering and filtering directly in the switch, reducing service costs up to 90%, footprint by 75% and energy costs by 67%. Know more about NoviFlow’s network solutions here.



Big 5G 2023  event  

 The Big 5G is the leading, annual gathering for the North American executives setting their 5G and Cloud strategies. This year, NoviFlow’s solutions were featured in the booth of our partner Lanner Electronics.



Deploying SRv6-based Service Programming to Optimize Edge Networks

Joint webinar Intel, NoviFlow and Lanner

This webinar provided an overview of the benefits of implementing SRv6 in a telecoms network and the advantages of deploying such a solution. All details here.




Product Information

Deploying SRv6-based Service Programming to Optimize Edge Networks 

Case Study: Intel, Lanner Electronics and NoviFlow

This Case Study describes how a Tier 1 Communication Service Provider (CoSP) Uses Programmable networking software and P4-based hardware platforms combined with SRv6 to deliver a new path to network-wide deployment of scalable, sustainable VNFs and CNFs. Read the case study.


Elastically Scalable Multiterabit Virtual Firewall Reduces Cost, Footprint, and Power Consumption

Joint Solution Brief Palo Alto Networks VM-Series and NoviFlow NoviMapper

The combined solution allows Palo Alto Networks VM-Series virtual firewall and NoviFlow to offer elastically allocated security services for larger-scale deployments by optimizing the traffic flows based on security device configuration and services offered. Know more and download here.




A New Network Edge Platform for CSPs by Marc LeClerc

Pipeline Magazine Article

Exponential growth in the use of mobile phones, connected devices, and online services has radically impacted the networking game for service providers, governments, and enterprises. For communication service providers (CSPs), the economics of deploying 5G, service virtualization, containerization, multi-access edge computing (MEC), latency-sensitive applications, and AI-based automation are significantly increasing the complexity of delivering networking capacity, while still ensuring both security and quality.

Read the article here.




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