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Multi-access Edge Computing Webinar on April 21, 2020

Programmable Infrastructure in Edge Computing: Unleashing Scalable Innovation
About this webinar…

The network edge must scale to support exponential growth in bandwidth demand, in the number of connected devices and in the volume of applications demanding low-latency. To meet this demand, the edge requires a computing platform able to develop, deploy and upgrade network functions. It has to:

  • Be Scalable
  • Offer high-performance
  • Be power-and-space-efficient
  • Optimize network edge security

Emerging edge platforms need to satisfy the diverse and varying infrastructure needs of multiple network constituents including cloud providers, communication service providers and enterprises.

In this webinar, Lanner, NoviFlow, Fortinet, and Intel will present the Lanner HTCA 6600, a fully-programmable platform for developing and deploying microservices-based edge computing applications. This is possible thanks to the combination of:

  • Intel’s Xeon Scalable processor-based compute nodes,
  • Barefoot’s Tofino P4-programmable Ethernet switch silicon,
  • Fortinet’s Fortigate cybersecurity VNF, and
  • NoviFlow’s CyberMapper programmable networking software.

As a result, this solution can save you up to 89% CapEx, 75% of the footprint and 65% power consumption over traditional edge architectures. The webinar will include details of key edge workloads that are being enabled by this platform.