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CyberMapper Edge Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) Platform 



The CyberMapper Edge software suite, combined with Lanner’s HTCA chassis, delivers an integrated services platform for the telco edge.  It enables the deployment of critical security and networking infrastructure close to users, delivering latency-critical services in an economical and easy to manage environment.  CyberMapper Edge includes a scalable compute environment with over 300 cores in a 6U chassis, ideal for hosting virtual telco infrastructure services including security applications, networking functionality, dynamic load balancing, service chaining, operational analytics, local orchestration, and routing services. CyberMapper Edge also reduces network deployment and support costs, and accelerates service velocity via a pre-integrated environment that is ready to deploy at scale across many edge POPs.

NoviFlow’s Cybermapper Edge  leverages Intel Tofino 3.2 Tbps switch fabrics to drive both the performance and rich set of services needed to deliver data plane traffic to a chain of virtualized appliances.


CyberMapper Edge empowers network providers to fully leverage the network/cloud edge as an intelligent resource that can pre-process traffic in order to both optimize information flows throughout the network, and make the best possible utilization of all network resources, thus reducing hardware costs, operating expenditures and even energy utilization.

Load Balancing

Stateless load balancing at line-rate with multiple groups in the chassis. This allows you to create several logical load balancers for each application running on the edge.

Packet Steering

Create rules to select all traffic or a subset of your traffic and steer the packets to specific tools running on the MEC platform.

SRv6 Service Chaining

CyberMapper Edge can provide service chaining for SRv6 networks. CyberMapper Edge can even proxy for virtual appliances that are not SRv6 aware.


Using In-band Network Telemetry (INT), CyberMapper Edge can precisely measure and report traffic latency and throughput for applications running on the server processors.

Packet Brokering

CyberMapper Edge offers packet brokering and telemetry acquisition functions without requiring the use of physical taps to duplicate packets on the main network and transmit them to monitoring and analytics networks.


Enter filter rules to drop traffic before it hits your tool farm. Ideal for threat mitigation or to stop traffic from overrunning your tools.


With VisualAnalytics, we collect operational data from multiple levels of the chassis, including hardware, network, storage and Host Operating Systems. This information is visualized to give you instant access to the health of your platform and forensics in the event an error occurs.


CyberMapper Edge

Provides all services at the network layer, including a rich set of packet delivery tools all integrated into a single application. CyberMapper software can be hosted as a container on top of the virtualization engine.


VisualAnalytics collects health and log information by polling hundreds of sensors within the Lanner HTCA platform and events from the Host OS. This information is stored in a Time Series database and visualized so that you can remotely check the health of the platform. Quickly see the overall health of all subsystems with our “Green to Go” dashboard and drill down if events are detected.

VIM and Orchestration 

Carriers and SIs can either roll their own virtualization technology, or NoviFlow can preload RedHat OpenShift to provide the infrastructure to deploy and manage both virtual machines and containers.

Hardware Platform 

Optimized for simple, scalable, and secure services at the network edge, the Lanner HybridTCA™ Series is the white-box MEC hardware platform that aggregates up to (12) 2nd generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, (2) high-speed P4-programmable Barefoot Tofino switching ASICs, and massive storage with support for precision time protocol (PTP), as an all-in-one modular appliance.

CyberMapper Edge – load balancer, packet broker, traffic steering, SRv6 Service ChainingEase the migration to virtual by using CyberMapper Edge, a set of packet delivery tools in a single, integrated appliance
In band Network Telemetry (INT)Measure the latency and bandwidth at the virtual appliance level to determine performance
6 Server BladesScale as you go. Using CyberMapper Edge you can add more performance to any application by running multiple instances and let CyberMapper Edge load balance across virtual appliances or server blades
336 x86 Xeon Platinum Cores in 6USave space while virtualizing. The high core count ensures that there is enough horsepower for the most demanding data plane applications
Integrated Compute, Network and StorageYou only need to worry about connecting the box to the network, all of the necessary components to run are integrated into a single platform. No need to cable the servers
4x 100Gbps to each Blade ServerArchitected for data plane applications and performance, each NUMA node on the server blade has a redundant 100Gbps connection to each CyberMapper Edge switch. This increases performance by targeting the traffic at the NUMA node the application is running on.

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