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NoviFlow to demo cybersecurity on programmable forwarding plane live at MWC2017

NoviFlow will again be exhibiting at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, from February 27th through March 2nd 2017, and our main theme this year will be how to build Cybersecurity solutions using high-performance fully programmable SDN OpenFlow forwarding planes.
Rapidly multiplying and evolving network security threats are in an arms race with cybersecurity solutions, with the prize being the data, network resources AND brand reputations of service providers and their customers. SDN offers fresh new options for dealing in real-time with these threats. The unique advantage of NoviFlow’s SDN solutions is to drammatically accelerate the powerful cybersecurity applications through our forwarding plane products, enabling our customers  to actively mitigate, avoid and even eliminate malware. These new cybersecurity solutions leverage the programmability of NoviFlow’s network processors to plug the security gaps and vulnerabilities inherent in traditional networking equipment, and exploited by viruses, bots and other threats to network security, while reducing the complexity of networks, overcoming vendor/systems lock-in, and optimizing both CAPEX and OPEX.
The flexibility of this approach also encompasses a wide range of network applications and services, including CORD, EPC, Edge Routing, Network Tapping, Telemetry, Load Balancing, Service Chaining, and this approach scales independently on a wide variety of characteristics such as number of users, forwarding or controller capacity, bandwidth, etc.
At Mobile World Congress NoviFlow will demonstrate live a powerful cybersecurity solution that employs our NoviSwitch NPU-based forwarding planes to deliver unmatched programmability at line rate, for even the largest networks. If you plan to attend MWC please come by our booth for a personal demo. NoviFlow would be pleased to schedule a meeting for you with our experts to discuss how NoviFlow’s fully programmable forwarding planes and applications could add value to your business, and demonstrate our Cybersecurity solution live.
Click on this link to propose a convenient day and time for a meeting in our booth and we will get back to you with a confirmation in the next few days.
We hope to see you at the NoviFlow booth in Hall 7, booth number 7H40!