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November 2022 Newsletter

A fall harvest full of product launches, major events and more!

A word from NoviFlow’s CEO Dominique Jodoin 

In these uncertain economic times, our customers have continued to rely on NoviFlow’s solutions to optimize the efficiency of their networks and cyber defense. For example, NoviFlow’s NoviMapper features an industry-exclusive service chain monitoring function used with leading cybersecurity software services, that measures the health and latency of services in real-time, so Communication Service Providers (CSPs) can pre-emptively take action when service delivery or the network are impacted or attacked.

During the past quarter NoviFlow has delivered two new NoviBroker features, NoviAnalytics and NoviDashboard, which have already been deployed in production at Tier-1 CSPs. By running NoviAnalytics with NoviBroker, for the first time CSPs can see in real-time how rules are being interpreted in the network processor and the outcomes at each stage in the packet processing pipeline, which was not possible before. With NoviDashboard, CSPs can get instant notification of operational issues across a whole fleet of NoviBroker next-generation packet brokers. Our customers are reporting that with these new features network troubleshooting and root-cause analysis have never been faster nor easier!

NoviFlow exhibited at the Mobile World Congress in Las Vegas on September 28-30th , where we met several CSPs and partners to present our NoviBroker with NoviAnalytics and NoviDashboard that redefines the packet broker market in terms of price/performance: NoviBroker delivers new intermediate functions at Terabps scale using a stateless approach that directly competes with the incumbent brokers, but without requiring the added expense of FPGA-based co-processor cards or dedicating a huge quantity of additional compute resources.

NoviFlow has also enjoyed great support from our partners Intel, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, RadWare and Lanner Electronics in promoting our NoviFabric SRv6 segment routing proxy. With recent live network demonstrations and commercial deployment, NoviFabric is adding a whole new dimension to our customers’ ability to do network-wide service programming, an emerging option for network digital transformation.

Finally, NoviFlow is honored to have been awarded a multimillion dollar grant by Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) for the development of green solutions based on our SRv6 technology.

We invite you to get the details by clicking on the links below.

Product Information

NoviDashboard launch at #MWC22 Las Vegas

On September 28 NoviFlow released NoviDashboard offering instant notification of operational issues across a whole fleet of NoviBroker next-generation packet brokers. Read the press release here.

Introduction to NoviBroker with Operational Monitoring

NoviFlow has released a new video introducing our NoviBroker Network Packet Broker along with NoviAnalytics and NoviDashboard operational management for large-scale fleet deployments ideal for CSPs. View it here. 

Network Service Programming Webinar from NoviFlow Lanner and Intel

In July, Intel, Lanner and NoviFlow jointly presented our SRv6 Service Engine solution.  It simplifies the deployment of 5G network infrastructure and other low-latency services at the Network Edge by delivering Segment Routing over IPv6. The solution is built on Intel’s P4-based Tofino™, reducing TCO by up to 89%, footprint by 75% and energy consumption by 67%. Read more about it.

NoviFlow SRv6 mentioned by CISCO

NoviFlow’s NoviFabric SRv6 Service Chaining Proxy was named a key element of Cisco’s SRv6 ecosystem during the Nordic network industry conference DKNOG12 in Denmark. More information here.


FIC North America

NoviFlow was proud to participate in the 1st edition of FIC North America to be held in Montréal. This new annual meeting dedicated to cybersecurity and digital trust will bring together the Canadian, European and American security ecosystems in a common place, with delegations from all over the world. Know more here.







MWC Las Vegas 2022

In September NoviFlow held a booth at MWC Las Vegas showcasing our NoviMapper 5G MEC platform, NoviFabric SRv6 proxy solution, and our NoviBroker network packet broker with NoviAnalytics and NoviDashboard operational management. To know more click here.




NoviFlow’s NoviFabric SRv6 solution demonstrated live at Interop Tokyo

NoviFlow programmable networking solutions for 5G, SRv6 service chaining, packet brokering, cybersecurity and network visibility were featured at Interop 22 in partnership with Macnica, Lanner Electronics and CISCO. More information here.

Meet NoviFlow’s experts at the following upcoming event

NoviFlow at the LightReading: 5G Next Wave – November 15 & 17

Join us on November 17th and discover how NoviFlow’s programmable network solutions deliver Terabit performance for 5G, Packet Brokering, Visibility, and Service Programming for VNFs and network services for CSP’s around the world. Simplifying networks by running load balancing, service chaining, packet brokering and filtering directly in the switch, reducing service costs up to 90%, footprint by 75% and energy costs by 67%. More information here.

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