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programmable Networking-based Packet Broker 


  • Traffic Aggregators and Network Packet Brokers are key components of monitoring and visibility toolsets. NoviBroker is a next generation solution for users looking to upgrade their traffic aggregator function to handle multiple terabits of throughput. NoviBroker is a cost-effective traffic aggregator with up to 12.8 Tbps of throughput supporting interface speeds of 10G to 400G for maximum compatibility with existing network infrastructure, providing customers a flexible packet broker and network visibility solution to get the right traffic from the network to the right network analysis tools at line rate.

NoviBroker and Operational Monitoring Video

NoviBroker with FlowAgent Pipeline

At the heart of the NoviBroker is the FlowAgent pipeline which features fine grain control of setting up the streams of interest. With four separate stages, FlowAgent lets you create streams of interest that can be virtually wired into multiple stream aggregates.

At the end of the FlowAgent pipeline is the “toolsets” agent which allows you to output to a single port, mirror to multiple ports or load balance across multiple visibility/security tools. Since not every tool can handle the same volume of traffic, weighted load balancing lets you specify the volume of traffic to be load balanced across each device.

NoviBroker Operation Monitoring Suite

NoviAnalytics for NoviBroker allows operators to live monitor over 75 different hardware sensors, OS log files and application messages to fully understand the operational health of the NoviBroker. Troubleshooting a problem or performing preventative ensures a higher level of uptime.

NoviDashboard provides you a single pane of glass to monitor your whole fleet of NoviBrokers. The information updates are real-time indicators of the overall health of the platform. If a sensor reports a fault or out of tolerance, live historical data with the key information needed for troubleshooting available within two clicks.

Pipeline Visualizer for NoviBroker

The operational benefits of NoviBroker’s multi-stage pipeline are greatly enhanced by the Pipeline Visualizer, a full representation of all stages

in the pipeline offering end-to-end visibility from taps to tools. Monitor live traffic in the pipeline or scroll through a history to see the effects of configuration changes. Troubleshooting configuration errors has never been easier, saving you the most precious resource of all – time.

The power of programmable silicon in a white-box switch

NoviBroker is built on Tofino, the latest switching silicon from Intel. Tofino and Tofino2 offer up to 12.8Tbps of core throughput and interfaces from 10G up to 400G. The hardware can be sourced directly with Edgecore or bundled with NoviFlow’s software. Flexible licensing options are available for NoviBroker including perpetual licenses and annual subscriptions.

  • Multi-terabit throughput, flexible port configurations in a small footprint
    • Up to 12.8 Tbps non-blocking core switching
    • Supports a wide range of interface speeds, including 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G, 100G and 400G with industry standard transceiver modules
    • Intel Tofino and Tofino2 options
  • New FlowAgent™ pipeline with multiple agents to map TAPs to Tools
    • 4 stage pipeline for flexible aggregations and filtering of the streams
      • Each stage allows a finer grain flow aggregation
      • Each stage can register to a stream output of a prior stage to create new aggregate interests
      • Filters by packet fields or packet shape (for example 2 MPLS tags)
      • Weighted Load balancing and mirroring of output traffic to tools with a tool set.
  • Easy to Use
    • Configure aggregation streams using object-oriented Agents
    • Do not need to use complex bit-offsets to program “interests”
    • Supports both remote API calls and local CLI for pipeline configuration
  • Competitive Price point
    • Based on white-box OCP compliant hardware you can source through NoviFlow or your own supply channels
    • Perpetual and annual software licensing is available for the NoviBroker software
  • We can do what your current vendor won’t
    • Software Programmable Parser
    • Rapid response to customer requirements
  • Replace multiple existing traffic aggregators with a single NoviBroker, reducing cost, while also reducing the complexity of the TAP network
    • Support a wide range of media speeds from 10G to 400G for ultimate compatibility with existing TAP and SPAN ports
    • Compact footprint, utilizes less rack space and power consumption
  • Program the traffic aggregator in a human-readable object-oriented environment, removing the need to calculate byte offsets to match a flow
    • Reduces the learning curve and time to deployment
    • Eliminates the cost of maintaining custom configurations and the expertise to create/edit them
  • Advanced parsing engine allows for outer and inner headers of encapsulated packets to be parsed
    • Multiple stages improves flexibility and enables reuse of the rules crafted earlier in the FlowAgent pipeline
  • Lowers barriers to deployment
    • Reduces the need for special skillsets to program traffic aggregation
    • Program once when deployed or create dynamic orchestration of traffic flows to tools by using the north-bound API interface
  • Leverage products from a leader in commercial-off-the shelf white box hardware, Edgecore
    • Flexible software licensing allows you to select the best way to deploy, with a perpetual license or annual licensing
  • If you have a special requirement, contact NoviFlow, we can rapidly add support for new protocols and features