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NoviDashboard launch at #MWC22 Las Vegas

NoviFlow Releases NoviDashboard offering instant notification of operational issues across a whole fleet of NoviBroker next-generation packet brokers


Las Vegas, NE – September 28th, 2022-  NoviFlow Inc., a leading vendor of high-performance 5G/MEC platform software and programmable network solutions, today announced the commercial release of NoviDashboard, a single-pane-of-glass GUI that provides a fleet view for NoviBroker and NoviAnalytics, NoviFlow’s Packet Broker solution suite specifically designed for Communications Service Providers (CSPs). The announcement follows the widespread deployment of NoviBroker and NoviAnalytics in the commercial network of a Tier-1 North American CSP.

“NoviFlow’s NoviDashboard represents an exciting new way for CSPs to manage large fleet packet broker installations so they can economically get the right traffic to the right network tools, cybersecurity infrastructure, and network analytics with unprecedented ease and flexibility. It greatly simplifies even the complex packet brokering needs and increased throughput requirements of 5G, MEC, and the mobile cloud.” Dominique Jodoin, NoviFlow’s President and CEO.