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NoviFlow Announces its NoviSpeaker

NoviFlow Announces General Availability of its NoviSpeaker (P4 Runtime Speaker) for Intel Tofino-based White Box Network Hardware

NoviFlow has created a P4 Runtime application development platform for programmable networks


“NoviSpeaker offers our customers and partners a mature P4-programmable networking platform, designed specifically to leverage the unique capabilities of Intel’s Tofino processor family, and refined by several years of in-house usage in our own solutions deployed commercially by network operators around the world. It’s a unique solution that offers unlimited potential for differentiation, multi-Terabit-scale throughput, and an order of magnitude improvement in price-performance.”

Dominique Jodoin, NoviFlow’s President and CEO


“NoviFlow has been a key Intel partner providing carrier-grade NOS and application software for P4 and Tofino-based white-box network devices. With the commercial release of its P4 Runtime Speaker, NoviFlow is again driving the P4 ecosystem forward by significantly reducing development costs and time to market, and greatly simplifying deployment of new services and applications for those seeking to leverage the performance and full programmability of Tofino and P4.”
Barry Davis, Executive Director, Marketing and Manufacturing – Barefoot Switch Division, Connectivity Group at Intel.


Specific NoviSpeaker capabilities include

Simplifies connection management between P4 switches and the P4 application:
o The single gRPC channel is used for all the SDN interfaces – P4 Runtime, gNMI, gNOI and gRPC
o Exposes a northbound gRPC interface for management and runtime control
P4 Runtime Translation Layer:
o Mapping of IDs from to naming convention (tables, actions etc.)
o Port Mapping to expose front panel port numbers to the applications.
Extra port configuration and stats support
o Provide logs and debugging information to help debug applications
Swapping of P4 program:
o Rollback on Error
o Fast-Refresh support