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NoviFlow at #MWC24

Join NoviFlow experts at the forefront of change in #MWC24

Launching NoviAccelerator effective and affordable Volumetric DDoS Mitigation for CSP Networks

NoviFlow is proud to exhibit at the 2024 edition of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We are excited to join the debates of the year and provide carriers with the multi-terabit programmable network solutions of the future today.

Our 5G, Service Programming, SRv6, Cybersecurity, Packet Brokering and Visibility solutions are deployed by Tier 1 carriers around the world and can reduce costs, footprint and energy consumption by up to 90%.

This year NoviFlow launches NoviAccelerator, an effective and affordable Volumetric DDoS and TCP State Exhaustion Mitigation solution for CSP Networks


Main features

  • Unites multi-Tbps switch-based mitigation and congestion control with the Open Source Suricata Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
  • Provides Volumetric DDoS attack mitigation at multi-Tbps speeds with less than one microsecond port-to-port latency
  • Supports both BITW and hairpin deployments
  • Provides congestion control and load balancing in the switch fabric for protection and independent scaling of Suricata for in-depth resilience
  • Detects and mitigates common large volumetric DDoS and TCP state exhaustion attacks
  • Minimizes false positives, enhancing the overall accuracy of threat detection
  • Reduces the processing capacity needed and costs
  • Fully integrated volumetric DDoS solution that delivers at a significantly lower cost compared to traditional solutions via Open-Source software and COTS hardware

Come by our booth and discover how NoviFlow solutions simplify networks by running load balancing, service chaining, packet brokering and filtering directly in the switch, reducing service costs, footprint and energy consumption by up to 90%.

You can set up a meeting with NoviFlow’s execs and solution specialists at

Booth at Stand 7G61 Hall 7 at the Quebec pavilion
Event dates: February 26 to 29