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NoviFlow events in April 2015

NoviFlow will have a very active month of April with events on both sides of the Atlantic!
Come meet us at the Internet2 Global Summit in Washington DC, April 26-30, 2015

NoviFlow will demonstrate the most complete OpenFlow 1.3 high-performance SDN data plane solution in the world, including advanced L2-L7 packet payload matching and flow handling!

Come meet NoviFlow’s CEO, Dominique Jodoin, at the Open Tech Israel – SDN Symposium, on April 26th in TelAviv.

Dominique will do a presentation entitled: “The Need for High Performance Forwarding Planes in SDN Deployments” that will look at how the OpenFlow functional and performance requirements of Data Centers and Network operators are evolving as they progress beyond the proofs-of-concept stage, and begin to deploy SDN solutions in live networks.

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