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NoviFlow Integration Services

Application Integration on the Lanner HTCA-6600 Platform


The telecom industry is in a state of transition, building telecommunications networks with automation, reducing costs and breaking with the tradition of end-to-end solutions from a single vendor. In this transition, carriers are looking to benefit from using the same strategies upon which the hyperscalers were founded.

Of course, this paradigm shift comes with new technology, new methodologies and a learning curve. With the move from physical appliances to virtual appliances and the number of services that interact with each other on a single system has grown exponentially.


Our goal is to enable you to focus on the overall architecture of the network, while we deliver some of the specific details, such as:

    • Work with virtual appliance vendors to ensure they have proper drivers
    • Integration Testing of lower-level firmware upgrades including BIOS updates, BMC firmware, driver updates
    • Integrate new virtual appliance releases
    • Develop a “life of the packet” architecture to document the flow of traffic through all of the various virtual appliances
    • Network setup for virtual appliances and network interfaces (physical and virtual functions)
    • Develop installation documentation and create auto-deployment scripts and ansible playbooks
    • Create Bill of Materials and Procedures to document the system configurations
    • Provide twice annual refreshes of the system with new versions of virtual appliances, drivers, security patches, BIOS and BMC updates


  • Application Integration on the Lanner HTCA-6600 Platform.
  • Onboarding Services for virtual appliances. We’ll work with your appliance vendor to dimension and verify the interoperability of the solution.
  • Integration Services
    If you have a collection of services you’d like to implement, we’ll build the recipe in our lab and test. We’ll also develop and deliver detailed documentation on how to build the system from the ground up as well as do a knowledge transfer.
  • Automated Deployment Services
    When it’s time to scale up the deployment, NoviFlow can implement the deployment procedures within an automation framework, reducing the work from days/weeks to hours. With an automated build process, reduce human error using a repeatable, tested process.
  • Lifecycle Management
    Virtualized platforms evolve. With periodic updates and lifecycle management from NoviFlow, we can manage the test and integration of software updates and field automation deployment.