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NoviFlow invites you to a webinar on the ONF’s Atrium Release 15A: An Open Source SDN Distribution Based Router

Marc LeClerc, NoviFlow; Bithika Khargharia, Extreme Networks; Saurav Das, ONF
Jul 21 2015 1:00 pm Eastern Time (10AM Pacific)
60 mins

The Open Networking Foundation (ONF), a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating the adoption of open Software-Defined Networking (SDN), has released Atrium, an open SDN software distribution designed to help the networking industry as a whole more easily adopt open SDN by fostering an open ecosystem of interoperable applications, controllers, and hardware-based OpenFlow switches. This webinar will examine the needs that drove the creation of Project Atrium, its objectives, elements, how it works and how it will evolve as SDN becomes more broadly deployed in brownfield networks.

NoviFlow is a founding member of the ONF’s Project Atrium.

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