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NoviFlow on TCS Cybersecurity e-Book

NoviFlow is part of the new TCS Cybersecurity e-Book

NoviFlow listed among the Canadian companies selected by the Canadian Trade Commission Services for their new Cybersecurity e-Book.

NoviFlow is pleased to be listed as a leading cybersecurity innovator in the Canadian Trade Commission Services’s Cybersecurity e-Book. The e-Book was compiled to present Canadian companies driving the evolution of network security, as part of the global increase in importance of networks for commerce, personal and communal life. As the TCS mention in the e-Book: “We all need to make pivots in this new economy and believe this e-book will ease the transition and enhance virtual trade.”

NoviFlow’s cybersecurity solutions are designed to optimize and scale existing security assets, enabling our customers to deploy any network security tool, anywhere in the network, anytime with full and accurate network visibility. Our solutions implement security mitigation actions directly in the network itself, thus maximizing utilization rates of cybersecurity resources, enabling response to attacks at network speed, and decreasing costs by filtering traffic and improving utilization rates.

NoviFlow’s solutions do not replace existing cybersecurity solutions, but rather increase their performance, reduce their costs, and elastically balance loads in the network, thus enabling them to scale into the multi-Terabps range.

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Click on the button to access the interactive e-Book, and discover the many new cybersecurity technologies and solutions presented.